Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX – In-depth Review


  • Comfortable fit for all hands
  • Teeny tiny USB connector
  • Thumb buttons for ease of browsing
  • Suitable for Mac and Windows
  • Runs off 2 AA batteries

When I first received this mouse I wondered what on earth I would have to say. Surely all computer mice are the same – they scroll, they click, they right-click, right? Then I got to know this little gem and suddenly there was so much more to say. Let’s start off with the design… 


This mouse is ergonomically designed and so it’s super comfortable to hold and use. At first I found it a little small, probably because I’m used to the super-sized mouse at work, but I quickly became used to the size and soon chose it over Super-Sized mouse. (Whoever said “bigger is better” was obviously lying.) And with it being ergonomically designed, your hand, wrist or arm will not tire or hurt during use or after a long period of use. 

The next aspect to take note of is the super small USB connector. The tininess of the connector means you can plug it into your laptop and forget all about it. It doesn’t get in the way when placing your laptop in a bag and thus won’t need to be removed at the end of a work day. The small size also means that it won’t get in the way of you placing other USB connectors into your machine. 


NOW YOU SEE IT….                                   NOW YOU DON’T!

The thumb b uttons are really useful when browsing the internet or browsing between document folders. At first they seem to be in the wrong place as you feel the need to use the tip of your thumb to press each button. Once the mouse is comfortable in your hand however, you start to use all parts of your thumb – the tip to access the “back” button, and the middle-to-base of your thumb to access the “forward” button.

The wheel makes scrolling fun. It is easy to use when scrolling portion by portion through a document and as it is steady, it won’t skip a section when you stop scrolling. The hyper-fast scrolling is totally awesome! Especially when you have pages and pages of spreadsheets and you need to get to the bottom in a jiffy. One rapid scroll will take you from the beginning of your spreadsheet to the end in a matter of seconds.


Another great feature is the Darkfield button at the base of the scroll wheel. One click of this button and you no longer need to scroll, you just move the mouse up and down to browse your internet page or document. 

Turn Ons:

  • As all ladies are all about the accessories, the handy travel bag that is packaged with the mouse means you’ll never have to worry about your mouse disappearing in your laptop bag. It will keep your treasure clean and safe while travelling.
  • If you do ever need to remove the USB connector from your laptop, the connector can safely be stored in your mouse by removing the battery cover.
  • Once the connector is placed back in your laptop, and the mouse is switched back on, it’s response is almost instantaneous. You won’t need to reinstall the wireless device, or wait until your device is reinstalled to use it.
  • And when your mouse goes into sleep mode, it “wakes up” instantly as well.
  • If you do travel frequently and need to watch your baggage weight, it is great to know that your mouse can operate on 1 battery if need be.

Turn Offs:

  • Being wireless, you may end up running out of battery life during a particularly important meeting. So you will need to carry a spare battery or two.

Price: (about) R700.00


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Jessica Meyer

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