Samsung 3D Blu-ray Disc Player – Review


  • Slim, smart, sleek piece of machinery
  • Specs – 430mm left to right, 39mm high and 210mm front to back
  • 1.7kgs (shipping weight)
  • Blu-ray, DVD, USB, CD, Smart TV Internet hub
  • High definition Blu-ray 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this Smart piece of Samsung machinery is not only multi-functional, fulfilling pretty much all your DVD player needs and then some, it is also a particularly good looking item, slim enough to fit in the narrowest space below the TV, above the satellite decoder, or pretty much anywhere.



The quality of the picture on a Blu-ray disc really is very impressive. If you are movie buff, a DVD collector or even just a regular at the video store, the Blu-ray awesomeness is well worth the extra couple of bucks.


If you don’t have a lot of Blu-ray discs, and don’t feel the urge to spend the extra on a Blu-ray disc at the video shop, this player also plays regular DVDs, as well as recordable and re-writable DVDs.



You can connect to the Internet through your modem at home. You can connect directly with a LAN cable, or wirelessly with a wireless adapter that will be plugged into the back of the player.

You can also download various free and paid applications. These applications provide a range

of Internet services and content including news, weather forecasts, stock market quotes, games, movies, and music.


When I popped in my Audio CD, the Samsung picked up that it was an audio disc, switched on my TV and pulled up the audio menu, and started playing the music. I was really impressed by how incredibly simple this made my life. There was no need to search under couch cushions for the TV remote at that point and I was able to happily carry on painting my nails, or drinking wine, or whatever it was I was in the middle of at the time.

If you are not playing from a regular audio disc and are playing an MP3 disc, you can select which data source you’d like to play by using the button on the remote that looks like the Play icon backwards (◄), in order to select CD/DVD/USB device.

Everything else on the remote is fairly self-explanatory, except for the colour buttons, explained below:

●     Red (A) button : Selects the Play Mode (Repeat) during playback.

●     Green (B) button : Go to Playlist from Music List.

●     Yellow (C) button : Playlist play.


If you have music or video files on your USB stick or external hard drive, you can simply plug this into the USB connection and play content directly off them. You can also use this connection to run software updates.

PC Streaming  

You can also connect the Blu-ray dsc player to your PC and play music, images or movies from a shared folder. This is how!

1. Use a router and LAN cable or wireless LAN adapter to connect the PC and Blu-ray Disc player.

2. Create a shared folder on your computer where you will drop your music or movies.

3. Press the Menu button.

4. Press the Red (a) button.

You will see a window where you can select a network search type.

5. Use the ◄ ► button to select a network search type. A list of shared servers will appear.

●     Auto: Automatically searches for an available PC.

●     Manual: You will have to enter the IP address, folder name, windows user name and password.

Tuning in your TV

Display options can be found in the menu and your setup will depend on the size of your TV screen.

4:3 Letterbox


4:3 PanScan


16:9 Normal


16:9 Wide


The one small thing that did occasionally cause an issue is that the remote has a TV power button in it too – again removing the issue of trying to find the TV remote if you have a Samsung TV. The issue at our place was that the Samsung TV is upstairs and I connected the player to a different TV downstairs. Occasionally I’d press the TV power button by mistake, switching off the upstairs TV. I wasn’t very popular, to say the least! Obviously, this ‘problem’ can be eradicated by simply connecting the player to a Samsung TV. Sneaky, sneaky.

Turn ons

  • Very easy set up – plug in and go
  • Didn’t have any issues with any of the DVDs I tried to play
  • Auto plays audio discs
  • Spectacular quality of Blu-ray
  • Loads of functionality

Turn offs

  • Works best with a Samsung TV

Price: R4500.00 (approximately)


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Lauren Prior

Lauren is a 20-something Graphic Designer living, working and playing in Jozi. She spends more time on Twitter than is strictly necessary and "stumbles" her way through the Internet whenever she has a spare minute. She'd be lost without her TomTom. Literally.

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