Wenzani – App Review


  • Recommends the best places to go
  • Allows you to hook up with friends for the best activities
  • Comprehensive guide to stores/restaurants/activities you may enjoy
  • Allows you to recommend places you enjoy
  • Build an online community that enjoys the things you do
  • Recommends events in your area

Wenzani (from the Zulu phrase ‘What are you doing?’) is unlike any app I’ve used before. While I initially thought it would be yet another copy of Foursquare, turns out this clever little app doesn’t just tell people where you are, but tells you where you should be going.


As an app, Wenzani is recommended for those who are looking for great places to eat out, fun activities to join in on and events in their area. It allows you to build a profile, which you can share with friends, or anyone in your online community. The recommendations are initially pulled from such reputable sites as Time Out and Lonely Planet, but you can add friends and local experts as you go.


One of the most frequent questions I find myself asking friends is, “Where should we go tonight?” and Wenzani has the answer. And, the great recommendations are divided into categories, which for me means I get a recommendation of where to shop, where to go on a girl’s night out and even what shows to look for at art galleries in my area.


Wenzani offers an injection of modern culture into our lives – it will also put your finger on the city’s pulse, which is great if, like me, you spend so much time at your desk that you don’t know what to do when you’re out of the office. The app also offers map functionality (thanks to Google Maps) so that if you’re in a city you don’t know well, you’ll know how to get to a recommended venue or event.


All in all, I’m quite impressed with this little app – it offers free and full access to guides all over the globe, lets you build an online community to share recommendations and receive them in real time, and lets you post recommendations to Twitter and Facebook. It is relatively new, having only being published to the iTunes Store in the second week of January, but I predict that within four months, Wenzani will boom in popularity.

Turn ons

  • A beautifully-designed app with easy-to-use functionality
  • A travel guide in your pocket for venues across the world
  • It’s free!

Turn offs

  • Because it is relatively new, there are not many users in South Africa, which lowers the amount of recommendations.

Price: Free


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Na'ama Oren

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