Epson EH-TW5500 Projector – Snapshot

First impression: this projector is huge. To give you an idea of scale, I’ve photographed it together with an average-sized soft cover from my bookshelf. The EH-TW5500 projector from Epson is for home cinema use, so I was expecting something a little more compact.

However, this hefty 7.5kg projector retails for just over R20k, placing it in the high-end range of the competition. The specs are tantalising! It is a 1080p beast of a machine, promising an extremely impressive 200 000:1 contrast ratio, a white light and colour light output of 1600 lumens, paired with Epson’s DeepBlack system. 


Let me translate these numbers for you: That means high definition picture quality that’s crisp, with bright colours, and – this is what you should always look for in a projector – rich blacks that don’t leave your movie looking grey and grizzly. 

The set-up was much easier than I anticipated. This is because my husband actually used to install home theatre systems for a living (lucky me), but also because the EH-TW5500 has great zoom (2.1x), and you can shift the projection both vertically and horizontally to adjust the image. For fear of stating the obvious: you can’t put the projector directly behind where you’re sitting on the couch; you’re head will block out the image.


It’ll be movie night at my place for the new week or two while I test out this Epson EH-TW5500 home theatre projector. I anticipate plenty of buttered popcorn and reruns of Fight Club on Blu-Ray.

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Stacey is a geekling with a weakling for World of Warcraft, her iPhone and apps that make her hectic schedule a little less ludicrous. She's a full-time writer and editor, married to an IT genius who regularly pokes fun at her, and is raising a 'Lionheart' who is obsessed with washing machines, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and noisy household appliance in general. It's safe to say that it's a family thing. Oh, and Stacey knows zero, zip, na-dah about overclocking – sorry.

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