LG Cinema 3D Television – Review

You know how they always say: “It’s simply better on the big screen?” Well, they are right.

I had the fantastic opportunity to test out a 47-inch widescreen LG Cinema 3D Television. Having lived without a television for quite a while (due to a busy time schedule, and leaning towards watching rented DVD’s instead, *wink wink nudge nudge*), you could possibly understand my excitement in going from a computer screen to a high quality 47-inch television.



  • Flicker-free 3D TV
  • 47 inch (119cm)
  • Cinema Screen Design

47-inches, widescreen

I don’t have to explain how huge that is, right? That’s 119cm of picture, and high quality picture at that! To give you an idea of the size, here’s me right after I attempted to climb right into the screen:


CAPTION: Don’t mind the curious Christmas mouse – he just wanted to hint at what you could buy me for Christmas. Or my birthday, which is much sooner.

Setting up

Not having a TV, we also did not have a TV stand. So at first I thought that the safest bet would be to keep the TV on the floor. That, or make use of a small chest of drawers. The latter was the better option.


Getting the television up and running was a process that required some assistance. With help from the husband, I managed to get the TV setup in no time. We first had to lie the television flat on the box it came in, in order to connect the necessary screws and fittings – this was the most nerve-wracking part of the process.


One thing I noticed right away while handling this TV was how narrow the depth of the screen was. “Thin” would probably be the best term to describe it. The screen may be large, but the width isn’t, and it takes up very little 3-dimensional depth. It seems that the television would also be very easy to fix directly onto a wall.


Thin indeed!

The Picture Quality

Besides being mesmerised by the high definition quality, I was also incredibly impressed by the borderless screen. The picture stretches to the furthermost corners of the screen, for maximum viewing pleasure! At a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the image is crisp and the colours are truly complimented by the full high definition functionality. There are also 7 different picture modes to choose from: Intelligent sensor, Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game, ISF Expert1, and ISF Expert2.

The Size – worth a second mention

I really was impressed by the size. Sitting back and viewing my favourite characters come to life on a big screen, I felt that this was definitely something I would want to invest in. Plus, as if my mind was not already blown away by the comfortable in-home cinema TV size, I discovered that the 47-inch has 2 even larger family members: the 55” and 84”. 84-inch!! Can you even imagine?!

The Third Dimension

A Blu Ray player was provided in order for me to test out the television’s full 3D capabilities. Unfortunately though, the cable for the Blu Ray player had somehow slithered out of the supplied box, and I couldn’t test out the Smart 3D feature. Instead I just wore the supplied 3D glasses for a while..



After my review time was up, I was sad to see this stunning television go back to the supplier. So, if anyone is feeling generous and would like to donate a late wedding gift, I’ll arrange to collect…

Turn Ons

  • Borderless
  • Perfect in-home size
  • High definition, high quality

Turn Offs

  • Not being able to test out the 3D capabilities

Price: from R12 999.00 (size-dependant!)


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