BlackBerry 9720 Smartphone Review


  • Dedicated BBM button
  • Spacious QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.8 inch touch screen
  • BB 7 0S

So I’ve spent good full week with the new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone and although this was my first complete BlackBerry experience (I’m usually not a fan), the smartphone features were simple enough for me to get the hang of in no time.

The BlackBerry 9720 runs on the BlackBerry 7.1 OS. This was a deliberate move by BlackBerry because the BlackBerry 9720 is designed to be ‘super social’ and is particularly aimed at first-time smartphone users.

The BlackBerry 9720 has a 2.8 inch touch screen and a spacious QWERTY keyboard, which means versatility in usage and less typos when typing. It comes in blue, black and white, is plastic on both the front and back and its 120g weight means it’s pretty lightweight compared to some older BlackBerry models.

The BlackBerry 9720 comes with a dedicated BBM button on the left hand that takes you straight to your BBM chats no matter what else you’re doing on the phone. I found this function very useful as it cut down on having to minimize the windows of other functions I was using. So if I was busy perhaps on Twitter and a BBM came through (I’m one of those who practically jumps to read a new message when it appears on my phone), I simply pressed this button to go straight to it.


There’s also BBM Voice, a feature on BBM that allows you to have a voice chat with your contacts in real time. To do this however, BBM Voice requires a Wi-Fi connection.

The other social network function I liked was Multicast. This function allows you to write one post and post it to multiple social accounts either Twitter, Facebook or BBM or all three (which come preloaded on the phone), by ticking on it and hitting the share button just once. You do however still need to limit it to 140 characters if you choose to post on Twitter as well.

One the right side of the phone, you’ll find the mute key which also turns the FM radio on and off, the volume keys and the camera shortcut key.


The 5 megapixel camera didn’t score many points with me as I found the quality to be lower than other smartphones that have the same number of megapixels, so I hardly took any photos. What I did like is the shortcut icon on the screen that lets you take photos even when the screen is locked, by tapping and holding the icon for about 2 seconds.

The battery life of the BlackBerry 9720 is no different to that of most smartphones. On average I would charge it twice a day, once in the evening for an over-night power-up and once in the early afternoon so that it could last me the rest of the day.

The loudspeaker quality is very good, even at its loudest the sound is still clear and sharp. Speaking of sound, the music player comes preloaded with 89 songs from full albums by 9 different artists such as Frank Ocean, John Mayer and Carrie Underwood.

What are my favourite features on the BlackBerry 9720? The music player, BBM (which I’m still patiently waiting for to arrive on Android) and Multicast. But if you’re a lover of the BB 10 OS, it might not appeal to you so much.

 Turn Ons

  • Multicast
  • Dedicated BBM button
  • Both screen and QWERTY pad for versatility

Turn Offs

  • Low quality 5 MP camera

Price: R2 599


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Lungelo Shezi

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