Facebook adds new “Edit Post” feature

How many of us have written a Facebook status, clicked on ‘post’ and just as you started waiting for the comments, likes and shares to roll in, you realize you made a big typo or left something out, so your post makes almost no sense at all and you have to delete it and start all over again?

Well if you’ve been hoping Facebook adds a way to edit your statuses, your prayers have been answered. An Edit Post feature has been added, so you can simply edit your post without having to delete it.

The new feature was rolled out to web users yesterday and although it was initially meant to also be rolled out to the Android app, I couldn’t find it on my Android smartphone, so it’ll probably appear over the next few days. iOS users can expect it to appear in the next iOS update.




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Lungelo Shezi

Lungelo is a young, small-town girl with big city dreams and a passion for all things creative and media. Those who know her would use one word to describe her, ‘expressive’ which certainly shows itself in her opinionated tweets, posts and personal writings. Lungelo works fulltime at Hypertext and GirlGuides.

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GirlGuides is relaunching! Click here for htxt.women