Twitter could have its first female director before its IPO

As Twitter moves closer to its impending IPO, one thing we can be assured of is that the directors behind the company are a competent, sharp and impactful bunch but there’s one thing lacking, transformation in the form of a female director on its board. Fortunately it seems all that is about to change. Twitter has made adding a female director to its board a top priority and has gone as far as hiring a search firm to do all the work. (Included in the list of candidates is former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.)

“It is a stated goal of the board, and we had hoped to have a woman director before the IPO,” an insider at Twitter said.

“While there has been no official outreach to Clinton, who is likely to run for president in the next election, and might be busy, a number of other potential female directors have already been interviewed. But none have been selected as yet,” reports allthingsd.

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